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Here at Axis Construction, Quality isn’t a goal, it’s our business.


Construction Management

Axis Construction strives to be a strategic partner in the construction process, not just a contractor. We believe in a collaborative approach with the customer and architect to work as a team in setting and achieving goals for projects. Our company can perform either on behalf of our clients (agency construction management) and manage the process with the architect or perform as the construction manager and contractor (construction management at-risk) working with the team and responsible to our clients.

There are associated benefits with each approach and our company is proficient in all variations of construction management.
Depending on the resources an owner may have to dedicate to a project, construction management can offer many benefits such as:

  • Overall better coordination of projects due to early cooperation among the various principal parties;
  • Time compression of the design/construction process, frequently reducing overall project duration;
  • Cost savings due to value analyses;
  • Fewer disputes, claims and delays, all of which are reduced by the early establishment of cooperative relationships.

The construction management approach is another in a long line of project approaches that provide our clients with better service, allowing a win-win result for all involved.

axis Design Build

Design Build

The design/build process offers a single-source contract for all facets of your project. We assume all responsibility for your project assembling a cohesive team including the architect, engineers, and designers with whom we collaborate to develop a facility to meet your needs and expectations. Being a single source of responsibility assures time and money is saved, reduces your risks during the planning, design and construction process and delivers a turnkey product to you on time and within budget.

We bring together all the resources necessary to provide you with a quality product utilizing our expertise for your building needs so you can manage the other needs of your business. We coordinate the design stage, control the project costs, develop and monitor the time-line, schedule production, order materials, hire and manage all subcontractors; delivering a completed project with minimal effort by you.

General Contracting

General Contracting

Axis Construction LLC is a full-service commercial general contractor that provides traditional construction services under negotiated or competitive bidding arrangements based on plans and specifications submitted by owners or architect/designers. The bid, whether negotiated or competitive, can be fixed or cost-plus. This traditional form of contracting is standard when the design and planning phases of a project have been completed by the owner and architect/designer.

First and foremost, we are builders. New ideas and the ability to perform fast and flexibly in this traditional construction process allow us to remain competitive. We provide an exceptional value for our clients by utilizing new and pioneering methods.

The traditional approach involves a truly competitive mindset. We feel that educated cost estimating requires experts dedicated to the trade. Our years of dedicated service and practice allow the Axis [ Team ] to execute for you and your needs.

pre-construction services


Most projects start with a solid foundation and a personalized system used at the initial stages of the project that provide precise planning, budgeting and scheduling.

Axis pre-construction services are responsible for all estimating and budgeting, from conceptual estimates to hard bid quotations. We utilize the assistance of our Subcontractor base to give us the most up to date feedback and pricing.

Throughout our working relationship, our detailed reporting and scheduling systems enable us to anticipate potential setbacks before problems occur. This allows us to redirect work when needed or find fresh sources for material, components or other key facets of the project. With this insight, we can remain on target or advance the pre-construction process to save time and money for the client.

Our projects.

Our Projects

Our projects.